PHS Choir Sings to Help Local Family

Story and photo by Mercedes John

On Wednesday, October 12, Payson High School choirs held their first concert of the year. The entire concert was based on the theme of “We are the Change” to encourage the audience to want to make a difference. Mrs. Morford shared the inspiring stories of local families who have adopted children from other countries, and have done what they can to give them a better life.

All the benefits from the concert went to the Morford family to help their efforts of adopting two teenage Ukrainians, in hope of giving them a better life. The choir was able raise over $650 for the family.

By Mercedes John

The concert started out with the Concert Choir singing an African freedom song, Baba Yetu, a hope song Change the World, along with others setting the tone of the concert. After the Concert Choir sang, Synergy continued the mood by singing an African mining song, Tshosholoza, and The Balm of Gilead. Finally, Chamber Choir was welcomed on the stage and sang the songs Man in the Mirror, Down by the River, and a special tribute to those who are making a difference in the community, Prayer of the Children. A slide show of pictures of local families serving in orphanages in other countries played as the Chamber Choir sang.

Each of the songs sang at the concert was introduced by choir students. The students wrote a motivating piece to explain the meaning of the song, and how the words can inspire us to make a difference.  Overall the concert was a great success, and the audience left with a feeling of inspiration to change the world. “Payson High School started the year with a lot of new choir members, and it was a bumpy start but we are learning to come together. The improvement in our voices and technique has been astounding! Our concert when very well and I’m proud of everyone’s hard work.” Said choir president, Megan Garrett.