In the Huddle: PHS Volleyball

Story and Photos by Daniela Garcia

By Daniela Garcia

 Like all sports volleyball is very competitive. The first team to play is the sophomore team, second is the junior varsity on one court and at the same time the freshman team is playing on a different court, finally the varsity team plays. For the seniors they sit and help, cheer, and motivate the younger girls playing during their matches until the varsity game is about to begin. And after the younger girls play, they help cheer on the varsity girls who are playing and help them with anything that is needed.

 The atmosphere of volleyball games is very different from other sports, especially because it is a girl sport, it can be very emotional but also very competitive. There are a lot of loud cheering girls. The Lady Lions Volleyball Team may not be a very tall team, but they are a team who has a big heart and love for the sport.

  Each game is different, you never know what to expect. Before each game, every girl gets herself pumped up in a very different way. It may be just feeding off everyone else’s vibes and pumped up attitudes. For some it may be listening to loud music and drinking coffee like Jo Perez, or it may be setting goals in a goal journal like Jaisha Webb.

 “Setting Goals helps me focus in on what I need to accomplish before each game, I feel like goals are really important because they are stepping stones to the bigger picture, which is improvement,” said Jaisha Webb.

 October 13, the Lady Lions went up against the Juab Wasps. The sophomores started the night off battling against the Wasps. Not being able to fully squish them, the Wasps won 3-2 sets. Junior varsity and freshman went up next against the Wasps, the games were very intense, and they were able to defeat them.

 Finally the Varsity battled with the Wasps. They started by warming up, listening to some good music like “Best love song ever”, before the Head Coach Scott Nelson got the girls in the huddle and got their minds  ready to fight for the win. The game went back and forth with the Wasps; it was tied 2-2 going into the fifth game. In the huddle each girl said something to motivate the each other to get ready to play the next set.

 “If we want to win, we need to fight for each and every point and we need to not dwell on our mistakes,” said Captain Meagen Stanton.

 The Lady Lions lost in the fifth set 15-13, but fought with all their hearts.

 “It’s not about wins or losses, in the end it’s about staying together as a team,” said Captain Katelyn Hamilton.