5 PHS Girls Participate in Miss Payson Pageant

By Maygan Straight
miss payson 021.jpg

By Maygan Straight

Last Saturday 10 girls put themselves out there to compete in the Miss Payson Pageant. Though our winner was regrettably not from Payson, we had 5 stars that were from our great city.

Mercedes Jons, Nancy Pratt, Emily Hayes, Ysabella Matta, and Kylee Swensen got sponsors, found a cause, and showcased their talents all to compete for the title of queen.

Each girl is supposed to represent their town with composure, grace, and philanthropy. They are tested on each of their qualities during the pageant.

Nancy Pratt received 2nd attendant and Mercedes Jons walked away with the Director and Contestant Pick.

“I had a great experience,” said Mercedes Jons. “It was so much fun even though I didn’t win the top title. Even though we were all competing against each other there was so much support in the group. I got to know the other girls on a completely different level. I had no idea some of the talents the other girls had.”

Renee Crouch and Judy Skinner ran the pageant for the girls. They put together a competition that gives girls in our area the opportunity to win scholarship money and represent their town in parades and at ribbon cuttings for the city.   

Alongside winner Stephanie Diamond, our own Nancy Pratt will ride in the Miss Payson float during all the parades this summer.

“I’m so excited to represent Payson High as the 2nd attendant,” said Nancy Pratt.

 So if you want to see our girls in action, come watch them at this upcoming summer’s public events.