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PHS Fall Choir Concert: Folksongs, Foolery and Fun

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/02/2012 - 15:44
By Emily Garrett
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By Emily Garrett  

On Wednesday October 17, the PHS choirs stepped on stage and harmonized energetically for the first choir concert of the year. With the theme of Folksongs, Foolery and Fun, they stole the attention of the audience with their singing and choreography.


            Throughout the concert the two audition choirs, Chamber(Trouveres) and Concert(Bel Coro), as well as Synergy performed their musical selections. As the theme suggests, the songs were based on having fun and messing around, a task that the choirs conquered easily while still keeping proper concert etiquette.

            More than once, the choirs had sections in their songs where they were clapping and stomping, and keeping rhythm exact with the accompaniment is necessary in making the songs sound good. Some of the songs performed were Polly Wolly Doodle, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Cindy. In the last song, a few couples from the choir came to the front of the stage and stepped to a folk dance that portrayed the fun of the song.

            “I was so pleased with how the choirs performed last Wednesday. They exceeded my expectations! Our goal for this year is to “Go For Gold”, meaning always striving four our personal best and our team best. Everyone gave their all on Wednesday night and we achieved our gold!” said Mrs. Morgan.

            Who ever said that a choir concert is straight singing? While there is singing, it's not only vocals. Generally, the piano accompanies the choir, though there are a few times with the advanced choirs when they sing a capella. In these instances, the voices sometimes sound like instruments by themselves. In this concert, there were songs when there was a violin, guitar, and bass guitar being played, as well.

            Despite this being their first concert this year, the choirs all did an outstanding job! Come attend the future concerts to support our singing lions with their amazing voices.