Payson High School Sweethearts Royalty 2013

By Tarh Kershaw
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Sweetheart’s week (February 4th-9th) was a big success this year, thanks to the FFA who arranged it all.  The nominated Sweetheart’s royalty always has to have some farming talent with competing in milking cows and roping.  They also battled it out with best-looking poster, a pie-throwing contest, interviewing, and lastly the cake auction. 

The 2012-2013 Sweetheart’s royalty contestants were: Mckell Wall, Rachel Rowley, Kristen Robbins, Kari Thompson, Heather Sorensen, Carlie Beckert, Morgan Menlove, Shacotah Manwill, Camille Thomas, Jordyn Earl and Grace Heaps.  After a long week, the royalty was announced on Friday, February 8th as follows, Kristen Robbins: Second Attendant, Rachel Rowley: First Attendant and Mckell Wall: Queen. Winners of each individual contest: Poster judging: Mckell Wall, pie-throwing: Mckell Wall, roping: tie between all of the contestants, cow-milking: Mckell Wall, interview: Kristen Robbins, best cake: Mckell Wall.

“The cow-milking contest was by far my favorite.  It was so much fun to watch most of the girls milk a cow for the first time.  Many of them even drank it!” said Kristen Robbins, 2nd attendant, about what she enjoyed most about this week.

 “Sweetheart’s week was so much fun. I got to spend a lot of time with some girls that I didn’t know very well, and I got to try a lot of new things. Besides all of the stress of getting everything done, and planning my own sweethearts date, it was a ton of fun.  And I got to spend a lot of time with some amazing people,” said Mckell Wall, Sweetheart’s queen.

Good job to all of the girls who competed and a big thanks to the FFA for all of their hard work and effort put into an awesome Sweetheart’s week.