Being a Part of The Lion's Den

By Zac Quist
Best Friends Photo.JPG

            The lights are slowly turning on, the floors are clean and waxed, the bleachers are being pulled, and the students are arriving. The Lion’s Den has been opened. 
            Whether it’s a volleyball game, wrestling match, or basketball game, the Lions are there to support the team. All of the members of the Lion’s Den are PHS’s finest. They are an elite group of students who are there every game to support. The game could be predicted as a complete loss for the Lions, but the members of the Lion’s Den are still there. Regardless of the game outcome, they are there!
            Now don’t get me wrong, every single student at Payson High School can be a member of the Lion’s Den. To be considered a member though, you must show elite sportsmanship, possess extreme green apparel, and have some serious screaming ability. Once you possess these coveted skills, you must attend every single game, match, and pep assembly possible! Once you’ve done all this, congratulations, you’re a member of the Lion’s Den! Do not take this lightly though because now you have a very big responsibility.
            From my own personal experience at games, the more people cheering and standing up, the better! There’s nothing I enjoy more on a Tuesday or Friday night, than a good ol’ fashion B-Ball game. Plus, did you guys know that our wrestling team dominates?! I see 2010 State Champs in our future! You don’t want to miss any of that action! I’m sure a crazy, loud crowd makes a huge difference for the players! Katie Swenson, a member of our awesome Lady Lion’s basketball team has this to say about a crazy crowd, “It really pumps me up, because I know my school is out there to support our team. Lame, non cheering crowds are boring!” As members of the Lion’s Den, we are there to pump up our team gosh dang it! Being a member is so much more than standing at a game and watching; it’s showing our team, and our opponent’s team, what Payson Pride is all about!
            I expect to see all members of the Lion’s Den at all the basketball games, supporting Wrestling at STATE, and supporting all the spring sports. It has been a great year for Payson athletics, and there are still more good times ahead!