New Faces, New Team, New Age

Mako Watkins

By Mako Watkins

“Full out! Sharper! One more time!” Familiar echoes you hear down the halls during early-morning Drill Team practices. You’ll probably also hear Paysetter President Taelyr Bair, who is pumped up and motivated to start off the school year dancing with her new and old teammates this fall.

This year, Drill Team as a new vibe. They are a whole new unit, full of energy and passion, and major dedication. So what makes Drill different this year? What's the secret for their success so far? Let’s get an inside look, on the 2013-2014 Paysetters.

 The Drill Team is working harder than ever before. Putting in close to 35 hours a week of dance, training and choreography. But the Paysetters motivation doesn't just come from their coaches and parents. The school has a big impact on Drill Teams quality of performance.

 “The school has no idea how much their support helps us dance,” Captain Shay Krebs said.

The support, it seems, has a lot to do with how well they perform on stage. It gets them excited, and motivated to dance for their fans and supporters. So come on Lions, at the next football home game, let’s make an effort to come support your Paysetters!

When dancing as a team, unity plays a huge role in keeping these girls moving as one. Bonding together and having the same team goals really keeps the girls focused on being in sync.

 “Last year there were a lot of split offs and cliques. It really separated us all. We didn’t reach our team’s full potential,” complained many of last year’s returners to the team.

This year, our Drill Team is really turning things around, and trying to dance their way to a regional victory, with the help of their hardworking and dedicated coaches.

How can you have a successful dance team without a great coach? Ashley Mortensen, head coach and driving force behind the team, has been coaching the Paysetters for the past 4 years, motivating sophomores to seniors each morning and working these dancers to their fullest potential.

“To be the team we dream of, we can't just dance because we dance. We must dance for each other, because when a team dances for each other, you can see it in their eyes. It’s a love you can't just train into them.”  Coach Ashley Mortensen said.

Joining her, and the newest face to the Drill Team family, is Jenna Ore, a previous 3-year Paysetter herself. Together, these two coaches have really pushed the girls to work their hardest, to always give 101% to the team, perform well for their audience and to push themselves.

Every good team, has captains and every great team, has leaders. This year, the Paysetters are lead by 7 amazing officers. Shay Krebs and Becca Brown are the captains; co-captains are Amber Ringger and Aubrey Nelson. Taelyr Bair is president, Kim Marvin is vice-president, and Kaeli Noland is historian. All these ladies are personable, hardworking, amazing leaders. They work as one unit of energy, and really want the best for this year’s team. The Drill Team is not only their job, but their life.

                “We are a new team, a team this school has never seen before. With this new team comes new opportunities and a new limit to push. This team is ready to be champions. This, is OUR year,” said Captain Becca Brown.

This year’s theme is the New Age. This year’s team truly represents what the New Age is all about. Everything about this team is new, with new opportunities, new faces, new dances, and a completely new energy.


So take everything you knew about last year’s team, and throw it out the window. This is the New Age, and they won’t let you forget it.