PHS Choirs 2013-2014

Article by: Cherilyn Elder Photo by: Michelle Fitzwater

By Cherilyn Elder

If you’ve never been in a choir, you’re probably wondering what in the world goes on in that class.  Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s the best class you could ever take.  Choir is not a normal class setting.  Mrs. Morgan, the choir director, is an amazing teacher who makes everyone feel comfortable.  Everyone is friends with everyone.  We sing and just have a good time. 

            “One of my goals for the Payson High choir program this year is to foster a feeling of unity and commitment.  Another goal I have this year is to help each choir student understand their value and contribution in our choir program,” said choir director, Mrs. Morgan.

            Choir is definitely a fun and relaxing class, but don’t get me wrong.  Singing takes work.  At least good singing does.  You have to have tall vowels and open your mouth to sound mature.  You also have to be able to read music and sing your part while the people around you are singing different notes.  You have to breathe correctly, not in the middle of a sentence.  Singing definitely is enjoyable, but not as easy as some people may think.

            Payson High has 4 choirs: Bel Coro, Trouveres, Women’s Chorus, and Men’s Chorus.  Bel Coro is Italian for beautiful choir.  Bel Coro has about 60 members, all of whom are juniors and seniors.  An audition is required to be a part of Bel Coro.  Trouveres, Italian for traveling singers, has 33 members.  All 33 members are required to be in Bel Coro.  They take two classes out of their schedule for choir.  They also have more competitions and chances to sing because they are the highest choir.

            This is the first year that enough sophomores have wanted to join choir that Mrs. Morgan could have a men’s chorus and women’s chorus instead of a mixed chorus.  Women’s Chorus or Polyphony, which means two or more voices singing melodies and harmonies, is a no-audition choir for all girls.  Men’s Chorus, or The Falsettos, which means unnaturally high-pitched voices for men, is a no-audition choir for all boys.

            Payson High Choir has many concerts and activities throughout the year.  Their first activity was the Light Parade where they walked Main Street singing the school song over and over and over again.  The Trouveres sing the national anthem at every football game.  Another awesome opportunity is open to some students: Allstate choir.  The participants this year are Cathryn Winget, Savannah Nichols, Katie Gneiting, Jamie Finch, Kaila Birchett, Jessica Bastean, Jedd Hyer, Robbie Smith, Skyler Fitzwater, David Green, Jacob Hayes, and Matthew Webber.

            Choir tour is the most anticipated activity of the year.  This year, Bel Coro will travel to Seattle, Washington, from March 20-26.  Tour costs $600, but Mrs. Morgan provides many fundraisers to help everyone be able to go. 

Payson High Choirs’ first concert is Tuesday, October 22.  Come support our choir! Choir is an awesome class that takes hard work, dedication, and a sense of humor.  Join next year to have a great time and learn a lot!

            “I hope the students of Payson High who are not currently enrolled in choir will discover how much fun we have together, creating fun, relevant music, as well as lasting friendships,” said Morgan.