Janelle Robbins Crowned Sweethearts Queen 2010

By Rachelle Whatcott

Sweethearts’ week has rolled right back in and out already this year with all new competition: Poster making, cow milking, interview, and cake making were a few things involved in becoming the royalty for the annual FFA sweethearts dance. Monday started off with poster making. We had to somehow incorporate the theme LEAD OUT LOUD and in some way advertise for the dance as well. The winners for the poster making were Rachelle Whatcott, Nicole Mellen, and Saige Bertschi. Tuesday was our interview day; we had to go into a room with three ladies we didn’t know who would ask us questions about ourselves and also general questions of the world. The winners for this competition were Ambree Corlette, Rachelle Whatcott and Janelle Robbins. Wednesday was the most fun day of all. Cow milking! All the contestants had to walk down to the FFA area where we were introduced to a cow named Bessie. “My favorite part was watching all the girls try to milk the cows”, said Nicole Mellen. It was pretty entertaining seeing that most of the girls had never even milked a cow before. The overall winner of the cow milking went to Janelle Robbins, Annaleise Child in second and Candace Burningham in third.
 Thursday we just did a run through of the assembly. Nothing too exciting there, and then we went home and prepared our cakes for the cake competition the next day. Friday came around and boy were there so many creative cakes from farm animals to ducks to hamburger and fries. It was cool to see the girls cooking talents come out. Mckensie Brown was the winner for her Hamburger and Fries cake. She said she had been working on it for a few days and you could tell. It was so life like it was scary; you almost expected the cake to taste like hamburger and fries. “I really enjoyed the cake making because baking is something I enjoy a lot”, said McKensie Brown.  Nicole Mellen Came in Second with her wedding/valentines cake and Saige was in third for her chocolate heart shaped box. Everyone did such a good job! Then the bidding was on, it was so funny watching people go back and forth trying to bid the most. Each cake sold from 25-65 dollars, but Bridgette Womack’s cake was sold for 140 dollars! Way to go Bridgette!
 During the assembly each girl was given a ticket to the dance and the royalty was announced McKensie Brown was awarded second attendant, Nicole Mellen first attendant, and the 2010 Sweethearts Queen was Janelle Robbins! They were given Flowers and a crown and were told to bring their fathers to the dance so that they could dance with them at ten o’ clock. “It was so nice seeing all the girls dressed up, everyone looked so pretty,” said Janelle Robbins. All in all Sweethearts was a success.FFA worked really hard and did a good job making it fun for everyone.