Indoor Track and Field: Carrying on the Legacy

By Erika Gee

These past weeks have been great for the indoor track team. The team has already competed in two meets and many athletes have set new PRs (personal records), while a few have placed very highly.

On January 17 and 18, the Lions went to the BYU Indoor Invitational where Trevor Golding placed 6th in the long jump. Then, the Lions went to Weber State on January 24 and 25 for another invitational. At Weber State, Trevor Golding placed 5th in the long jump and the men’s 4x800 relay team (Josh Evans, Jordan Bailey, Garrett Esplin and Malachi Dinkins) placed 1st.

“The athletes are doing well and I’ve seen a lot of progress. If everybody continues to improve, I will feel successful,” said Coach Whitbeck.

While indoor track is not an official sport at the high school, there is still an indoor state championship. In 2013 the boys were 3A Indoor State Champions.

“We really want to defend the indoor state title,” said Cole Diamond.

So what is indoor track? Indoor track is a club sport which helps athletes get stronger, faster, more explosive, etc. for outdoor track or other sports. Indoor track is almost the same as outdoor track except the amount of events varies. The distance events include the 800 meter, the 1600 meter and the 3200 meter. The sprinting events include the 60 meter, the 200 meter and the 400 meter.  The jumping events include the long jump, high jump, and occasionally the triple jump. The only throwing event during indoor is the shot put, and the only hurdling event during indoor is the 60 meter hurdles. There are also various relay events such as the 4x200, 4x400, 4x800 etc.


On February 7 and 8 the Lions will be traveling to the Olympic Ice Oval in Kearns for the Indoor State Championships. Wish the athletes luck as they try to carry on the legacy.