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Light Mob Takes PHS Talent Show 2010

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 02/26/2010 - 10:56
Photos: Kari Haskell

By Amanda Sonderegger
         What’s the most wonderful time of the year? Duh, Christmas. Heaven’s no...THE TALENT SHOW!!! Yes, I did just have a conversation with myself. The magical talent show was held February 26, 2010, and personally, it really was the best assembly I’ve ever been to. With the variety of talents r­­­anging from singing to unicycling, it’s safe to say Payson High School has some awesome talent. 
            To start off the show, we had Dark White’s rocking band perform an original piece that was freaking hot! Next was Kevan “Scarfboy” Saunders who performed with his bagpipes. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have pride in our bagpipers, and Kevan represented that posse well. Jaime Stanton went third, and good heavens, her dancing ability is freaking amazing! Gah, gah, gah…after Jaime, Nick and Company glowsticked it up with their glowsticks of course, and it was tight. Bria and Will then calmed it down with the beautiful tune of “Hallelujah” while Will played the guitar and Bria sang. My heart soared with peace and happiness as the crowd participated by swaying with the music and projecting light from their cell phones. Select members from the Color Guard Team then took the stage with swords, guns, and flags. Oh my! I never thought my dreams would come true, but they did when I saw Superman for the FIRST time. After Guard, our very own foreign exchange student, Jisun Lee, took the stage with a melodic piano piece that was, in fact, very beautiful. Awww…then Meika Burrell took the stage with some boggling clogging and pumped up the crowd with her crazy, fast legs. Wow! Ashton and Eric then unicycled on the stage, and entertained the audience with their outstanding balance abilities. Yikes!  After this stunt, Nikota Vacher did a little hip hop routine and “Boom Boom Powed” her way into everyone’s hearts. Second to last, Travis Wilkinson and Aaron Dalton played an Irish tune that felt like we had gone back to my home country…yeah. Last, our splendid Drumline blew everyone’s brains out with their powerful performance. Seriously, I think my biceps grew with the power I felt from their music. 
            After all was said and done, third place went to Ashton and Eric, second place went to Drumline, and the first place winners were the Glow Sticking Crew. By far, it was the best Talent Show ever! Thank you participants for braving it out and showing us what you got playas! Twas the best…eva.