PHS Close Up Visits State Legislature

By Brianne Hiatt

This year some of the Close-Up students got an amazing opportunity to go up to the state legislator. On February 25, 2010, the students arrived at the State Capitol to listen to a senate and house session, tour the Capitol building, and talk to some of the representatives.
Katelyn Rowley said, “The atmosphere there at the State Capitol was laid back at first, we went and listened to some debates. When we listened to the house vote it was still pretty relaxed, but, when we and watched more debates in the Senate that’s when things started heating up.” The students got the opportunity to talk to the Lt. Governor Greg Bell in his little office, Representative Mike Morley who represents part of Payson, Representative Painter, who also represents part of Payson, and Senator Madsan. They talked about education, and the students asked them about more modern topics. The students ended up getting a lot of opinions on each different thing, the conversations that each of the students had with them were all different, some of them were rushed, and some were more relaxed, Everyone was pretty busy, but, all together it seemed to end up pretty exciting. “The students got the opportunity to see how it’s crazy, how the work gets done. They also got to see the whole process work how it’s supposed to.” Mr. Alexander said. Katelyn Rowley said that it was important for the students to know what’s going on at the State Capitol because “It’s where we live, and without the knowing you have no say in what will happen, but with the knowing if you have some issues with what’s going on you can know who to talk to about it.” Even though the state legislator can get a little boring at times, the students all seemed to be pretty interested in it.
The State Capitol was a good experience for the students, even if it was with our school’s rival Salem. “Even though we go to different schools pretty much everyone is good friends, everyone was pretty nice to each other.” Katelyn Rowley said. These wonderful students were able to set aside their differences in school colors, and mascots to go listen to some important stuff. That might just end up helping our schools and communities in the future. Who knows one of these students may possibly be the next President of the United States of America, or sitting in one of the seats in the House or the Senate state legislations. With the watchful eyes of the awesome Mr. Alexander and the cool Mr. Griffin, from Salem Hills High School, the students seemed to of had a pretty good time. Way to represent Close Up!!