PHS Pipe Band Returns from September 11th Memorial Service

By Jennifer Dees
Members of PHS Pipe Band left to right: Shay Chestnut, Mika Burrel, Ashley Robbins, Michael Marsh, Anna McClellan, Ashley Mcclelan, and Jannet.

The Payson High School bag pipe band recently returned from West Jordan where they showed their patriotism in tribute to September 11. "It was fun and really cool because we got to play for the military." said Meika Burrell. Between parades, Scottish Festivals, and competitions, the bag pipe band is in for a fun time. There is count of approximately seven members in the band and Kerri Welton is their director. Anna McClellan is the pipe major and Janette Olson is the drum major.

From learning how to play from his dad, to performing on stage, Ian Smith loves being part of the band. He decided to join because he wanted to show off his extreme bag piping skills to some of his friends, who are also in the band. When asked what it feels like to perform in front of so many, Smith said "It feels pretty good, but it's kind of scary because a bunch of people are staring at you."
But there's no need to freak out when the band is made up of such amazing students.  Burrell believes more people should be interested in being in the band because "It's a lot of fun; we get to learn new things and go a lot of places. You just have to have a really strong lung capacity." Way to go and good luck with future performances! Once again you've managed to blow us away.