PHS Donates More Blood Than Any Other School in the Nebo District

By Sarah Rose Webber
blood 002.jpg

Everyone loves blood drive day. You get to miss class, hang out and eat snacks in the gym, and watch your friend’s faces go white as their blood gush out of them. Broden Parkin said, “I donate blood to help others, get out of class, and get free food”. But to some, blood donation is more than an excuse to get out of class. Blood drives, despite the common rumors, are not to supply the vampire population. Blood drives provide the means to save people’s lives. 4.5 million Americans would die each year without blood transfusions. Anything from a car wreck to a bone marrow transplant, cancer patients and premature infants all need blood donations. This could be a loved one, a stranger, or even you. Payson is great about caring about other people; we donated 85 pints of blood, going above and beyond the goal of 60. “Payson donates more than any other school in the region,” said Mrs. Bridges.  And yet nation-wide 35% of people can donate blood, and only 5% do. People say they are too busy or never thought about it, but to someone else it could be a matter of life or death. We would all give a pint of blood if it meant saving the life of someone we loved, so why not give that one tenth of our blood to the someone that somebody loves? Your donation can save three peoples live. All of those who donate can say they saved three people’s lives in forty five minutes. As Ashley Byington said, “you get out of class and you’re helping people”. Way to go Payson for being awesome and donating a bunch of blood; you are saving lives!