PHS Drumline First in State

By Ryan Shumway

With most of the members on the Drumline graduating the future classmen are going to have to step it up with they want to keep up the tradition that seniors have set in stone. The 2009-2010 season for Kyle Butler, Anna Brimley, Ryan Shumway, Landon Hale, Amanda Echols, Carole Abraham, Dallen Mendenhall and Melanie Madsen was their last but it was still a blast! Some of the most memorable moments for these seniors “Our final show in St. George in the fall season, coming off the field knowing that you had done amazing” said Anna. “Its one of the best and hardest things you’ll ever do if you choose to do it, so you have to love it and deal!” said Amanda. “Cowabunga”, said Landon. “At every competition we would yell Cowabunga as our cheer when we took first, it was a psychedelic trip man” said Ryan. Overall, winning isn’t everything. These seniors are all happy that they’ve won because it’s the time that they’ve spent putting into the program that has given them first place.
“We just hope it stays that way” said Drumline seniors.
The Drumline’s Marching Band and Winter season were remarkable. We went from competition to competition taking the Drumline to first place. Payson’s fine arts are amazing.