New app connects students in crisis to counselors through text

By: Kylee Wharton of the Lion's Roar Newspaper
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The SafeUT app is a statewide Crisis and Text Tip Line Service that allows students to connect with real-time licensed clinicians to report any kind of crisis, from lose animals, to abuse, to depression and suicidal thoughts -- on a free app. SafeUT has tons of unique and easy to use features.

The CrisisLine Connects the caller to a certified counselor who is trained to help people through difficult mental and emotional problems like depression and suicidal thoughts.

The CrisisLine is also built for people who need to report emergencies that are too urgent to for the submit a tip feature.

The Submit a Tip feature allows students to report things like bullying and threats of violence to their school administrators-while staying anonymous. The user can also report things like graffiti, lose animals, clowns, or anything that seems out of place or suspicious.

The SafeUT app is a huge step towards keeping our communities safer and happier. So do your part and download the SafeUT app today!