Ambri Corlett Wins Car from Ken Garff Keys to Success Program

By Sarah Rose Webber

The Ken Garff Keys to success assembly was a bonanza of free stuff. The Luckiest-Girl-At-Payson-High was Ambri Corlett, who won a free Chevy Malibu. “It is a really sweet car, I can’t believe I won it” said Corlett. Her Boyfriend’s (Nathan Cunningham’s) face filled with love, amazement, and joy as he said, “I can’t believe I am with such a beautiful girl with such a beautiful car!” Rumor has it that later that day the couple took a romantic drive to Santaquin reservoir to watch the fish jump…
                But Ambri was not the only student who received free stuff. Rachelle Whatcott received a $1000 scholarship to UVU for an essay she had written. “It was really cool to win the scholarship and it will really help me throughout college. Thank you Ken Garff and my dad for helping with my essay!” said Whatcott.   Amanda Sondregger was awarded a $250 scholarship for being Ken Garff Student Representative. Loui Kafoosi won a 50$ gas card in an epic dance off with Ms. Brotherson. Zac Quist won a pair of Skull Candy headphones in a music competition with other, not so lucky, students. A supposedly 900 candy bars were thrown by the new cheer squad to some more lucky students. Everyone walked away from that assembly with some sweets in their hands and a sweet feeling in their hearts.   Payson appreciates Ken Garff for being so generous and inspiring us all to be better students and people. Thanks to Ken Garff over 500 students have been recognized and rewarded for excelling in school. Every student is motivated to try their best when they could win a car for it! Thank you Ken Garff!