PHS Secretary Connie Mattinson Wins Horace Mann Award

By Audrey Miller

This year, Payson High’s Horris Man Award recipient is none other than the wonderful office secretary, Connie Mattenson. To receive the award, faculty around the school voted for who was the year’s best employee, and PHS strongly felt that Mattenson was the best fit, “She’s always happy, and I’m so excited that I got to work with her. She’s always multi-tasking, laughing, and thinking of others,” said fellow office secretary, Janeen Dean. According to assistant principal Ben Ford there’s “nothing better.”  Mattenson loves her job at PHS and the people she is surrounded by. Connie started working at PHS in 1975 as an office aid, and has been working there on and off ever since. “I feel honored that the faculty voted for me, but everyone deserves the recognition,” she said upon receiving the award. PHS is grateful for all of her hard work, and is looking forward to working with her in years to come.