Showcasing Dance Company's Talents

By: Alfonso De La Torre of The Lion's Roar Newspaper

Wednesday February 7th was an awestruck night of pure, fluently released expression.  All five of Nebo School District’s high schools united in Payson High School’s auditorium for the Eighth Annual Dance Company Concert [Showcase]. There was fifteen dances performed that night, three of those were by Payson High’s Dance Company.


Although Payson’s dance company didn’t open the night, they didn’t need to because as attendee, Haylee McKell, said “All of them did really good because they were all unified in their dancing, which can be hard to do with dances, Hip Hop especially.” Payson High’s first dance was their more contemporary one: “Angels” choreographed by Telley Carlson. The slow movements and music indeed did make them move around with angel-like qualities. After four dances from the other Nebo high schools, The team danced to “No Limits,” a hip-hop dance choreographed by Justin Sauceda. The last Payson performer was Dance Sterling Scholar Kobbi Pyne, who danced to “Torn” which was choreographed by Pyne herself. Overall, the dancers did an amazing job by moving to the music together.