2023 Prom Royalty

Submitted by katie.kelly on Tue, 04/25/2023 - 10:58
Senior Prom King & Queen
Junior Prom King & Queen
Sophomore Prom King & Queen

For those that missed it, here is our 2023 Prom Royalty. The royalty was selected by the PHS student body.


King and Queen - Jared Watkins, Kathryn Morgan

Prince and Princess - Brock Cary, Sophie Frisby


King and Queen - Ryan Rowley, Emily Faux

Prince and Princess - Christian DeGraw, Chloe Crabb


King and Queen - Ethan Warnick, Lizzie Jensen (Seen in picture)

Prince and Princess - Logan Cardenas, Ruby Smith

Prom 2023 was nothing short of AMAZING! Payson High school sure knows how to throw a dance! Big thanks to all those who attended.