Black History Month: Spotlight

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Ice Cube

"Since 1976, every American president has designated February as Black History Month and endorsed a specific theme.

The Black History Month 2024 theme, “African Americans and the Arts,” explores the key influence African Americans have had in the fields of "visual and performing arts, literature, fashion, folklore, language, film, music, architecture, culinary and other forms of cultural expression (Black History Month).""

This week's highlight is Ice Cube.

"Born O’Shea Jackson Sr., Ice Cube is an influential rapper, actor, and filmmaker, known for his powerful impact on rap and hip-hop culture. Rising to fame with the group N.W.A. in the late 1980s, he later pursued a successful solo career. He transitioned into film, starring in and producing several popular movies like Friday and Barbershop and earning him a spot as one of the most famous Black Americans of the 21st century (We Are Teachers)."


Black History Month,