Business & Physics Top Golf Field Trip

Submitted by katie.kelly on Thu, 04/13/2023 - 10:41
Business and Physics students pose in front of Top Golf in Vineyard.

High school students from Mrs. Kelly's business classes and Mr. Nielsen's physics classes recently went on a field trip to Top Golf. On Wednesday April 12th, they boarded buses and headed up to Vineyard to learn about the physics of how golf clubs and balls work together, as well as the importance of learning how to work well with people in business. The workers at Top Golf did an excellent job and made the trip very educational for everyone involved.

One of the managers at Top Golf shared an inspiring story of how he began working at a Subway for minimum wage and learned that being kind to others can take you far. The students were able to see firsthand how a successful business can be built with a positive and inclusive mindset.

After learning about the physics behind the game and the business operations of Top Golf, the students got to enjoy some time playing golf together. They had a blast putting their new found knowledge to the test! Our physics and entrepreneurship classes were grateful for the opportunity to learn in such an enjoyable and interactive way.

Overall, it was an amazing experience for everyone who attended the Top Golf field trip. We thank Top Golf for giving our students such a wonderful opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

Zoe Allen, Rett Robinson