Heart of the Lion Award: Mr. Kyle Adams

Submitted by megan.russell on
Kyle Adams receiving award

Congrats to Kyle Adams, the recipient of the Heart of the Lion award for 2nd term.

Here are some things his students said about him:

  • He honestly seems to be teaching for all the right reasons. He is the only teacher I’ve had that really pushes me and his other students to do what we want to. For example, starting a business and reaching out to colleges. You can tell he genuinely wants us to succeed.
  • He's an amazing teacher, he takes time for every single student
  • He actually cares about the students. He’s not just here to get paid or to force a lesson. He genuinely wants us to learn and succeed. He’s good at his job and knows how to get the attention of teenagers. He willingly helps us whenever we are falling behind or confused. He is happy and proud to teach at Payson High School.
  • Mr. Adams let's his students have an opinion and he knows how to teach to help us on the future.
  • He makes the school feel like a safe environment and he makes class enjoyable to go to, he’s nice to everyone and there is always a smile on his face
  • He is a very good and nice person. He is by far my favorite teacher and I love going to his class


Thanks, Mr. Adams! We're glad to have you at PHS!