Leticia Jessen

Success Coach, Payson Prep Program Technician (Spanish speaker)
Faculty/Staff Group

I speak Spanish

My name is Leticia Jessen. I’m from a beautiful city by the Atlantic Ocean, Mar del Plata, Argentina. I graduated high school in Argentina and a couple months later I came to United States. I speak Spanish and I studied Italian for many years, so when I came to this country I didn’t know a single word in English. By the age of nineteen I found myself learning my abc’s. It was really hard for me because learning a second language is challenging, and English is hard! I needed an intensive ESL course, so I went to college at UVSC (now UVU).  

After learning English I had the opportunity to work for Nebo School District as an ESL Technician. I worked for the District for many years and also, had other jobs that I used my bilingual skills. Now it’s time to serve PHS, and I’m very excited about it! Thank you for the opportunity!