Mr. Payson 2022: Jackson Mills

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Jackson Mills poses for his first time as Mr. Payson.

Congratulations to our new Mr. Payson, Jackson Mills! His first attendant is Cris Muñoz and 2nd attendant Micah DeGraw. They competed in the Mr. Payson pageant on April 29th. Contestants competed in events such as a leg contest, video contest, swimsuit, talent, and evening wear. A massive thanks to our school's Theatre Council and Ambassadors for putting countless hours into organizing this wonderful event. 

2022 Mr. Payson Contestants:

  • Grady Grimshaw (Mr. Choir)
  • Dylan Weight (Mr. Drumline)
  • Josh Hepworth (Mr. Jazz Band)
  • Cris Muñoz (Mr. Orchestra)
  • Payton Beckstead (Mr. Football)
  • Ethan Warnick (Mr. Broadcasting)
  • Paiden Judd (Mr. Media Team)
  • Micah DeGraw (Mr. Theatre)
  • Jackson Mills (Mr. Lacrosse)