Spring Sports Updates: Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis, Softball

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  • Girls Golf:

    • Coach Chapman: The Payson High girls golf team has experienced a remarkable journey this year. As the season progressed, it became evident that the team has a diverse mix of skill levels, with many beginners taking their first swing alongside seasoned golfers. Although we are not 1st in region, the girls golf team's growth this year has been fun to watch. From mastering the basic grip and stance to executing complex shots under pressure, the team members have each pushed their limits. 

  • Girls Lacrosse:

    • Principal Jesse Sorenson: Girls lacrosse is currently 1st in region and 2nd in the state 4A standings!!! They beat Orem 19-2 on April 22! They have a 10-1 record. Incredible work!

  • Tennis:

    • Coach Peck: Congratulations to the Tennis team. On April 22, they won 5-0 to ensure the first winning season in many years while playing in a much tougher region.

  • Softball:

    • Coach Simons: Your softball girls had a HUGE win against Timpanogos (April 18) putting us in first place for region!