The Weird Phenomena of the Mandela Effect

Submitted by kate.searle on Thu, 10/05/2017 - 13:51

Have you ever noticed something you swear you’ve known all your life to be spelled, sang, or designed one way and all the sudden you look back at it and realize something has been added, missing, or taken away? Well let me reassure you, you're not losing your mind, but Congratulations! You’ve experienced the Mandela effect and you're not alone.

The Mandela effect defined by Margaret Rouse from Tech Target, in the column states, “The Mandela effect is the observed phenomenon of people having clear memories of events that did not occur or misremembering significant events and facts.” She goes on to tell how it doesn't affect just one person, but affects thousands of people around the world sharing in this “false memory”.

You may be wondering at this point if you have not noticed that you’ve experienced the effect, you 90% most likely have, here are some examples that will blow your mind. Have you ever noticed the Ford logo, it’s a blue oval with cursive writing spelling out Ford? Many remember the F in Ford looking something like this  F  a plain old F with a dash through it.

You may be asking, “Why are you telling me this?” Well, what if I told you in all the history of Ford the blue oval symbol has never looked like that. Even the manufacturers of Ford say it’s never been designed like that. Here is an example of something being added, the line through the F has had a little curly cue on the end of the second dash through the F. (Mind blown!)

How? How can it be that something so many people remember has now changed? Well, that's a very good question and something we're all trying to answer, and by all, I mean out of the billions of people around the world no one knows. People have tried to relate it to shifting into parallel universes, time travel, subliminal messaging, and even aliens!

People have been noticing more and more things changing, for example, the song “We are the champions” by Queen. In most everyone's mind, they remember the song finishing in a long dramatic yell of the singer saying “of the world!”. Here, my fellow reader is an example of something missing, the song has never been recorded of them singing that ending phrase.

On their album, the lyric does not play, but the music continues to play, it feels like there’s something missing. That’s because you think you remember them singing it. if you look up a live version of Queen singing “We are the champions” Freddie Mercury does sing “of the world!” So it was supposed to be there but has somehow been removed from our time.

So always keep a lookout for more things transitioning around you, because you may realize you're in a whole new world, time, and dimension and you might not even notice.

By Millie Durfee of the Lion's Roar Newspaper