Beat the Winter Blues with these Tips

written by: Haley Dixon
Exercise to beat the blues.

Now that radio stations have the Christmas albums shelved till next year and the Christmas tree is browning in the dumpster, let’s get real. With the departure of the holidays “The Winter Blues” start kicking in. You know the feeling: you’re more tired, you have no motivation, and it’s harder to get out of bed each morning. The short and cold winter days often times make us feel like the weather: cold and dark. Winter depression is still a mystery to scientists who study it. However, there are many ways to get over it and get back to your normal, cheerful self! Here are some tips:

Get as much sunlight as possible. Regardless of the cold weather, spend time outside! Indoor lighting has no effect, no matter how bright it is, so open all the blinds in the house and enjoy the natural light!

Exercise. This may be one of your New Year’s resolutions! What better time to start than now?! Exercise is proven to decrease the symptoms of depression and makes you not only feel healthier, but also more motivated.

Brighten up your wardrobe. Winter colors of clothing tend to be the darker/plain colors such as maroon, brown, forest green, and mustard yellow. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright colors! Wearing more bright colors will lighten your mood greatly!