Boys Golf @ Gladstan

Ben Phillips
Gavin taking swing

September 9, was a big day for the Payson Boy’s Golf Team. It was a decently weathered day, and these boys have trained hard. Although I know little about golf, I know that they played hard, and gave it their all. That Wednesday, they left for the Gladstan Golf Course in Payson at 11 a.m. Once they arrived, it was game on. “It’s great to see these young men competing against each other, but also show great sportsmanship.” -Anonymous Parent.


This was the sixth game of the school year, but they played like they’ve done it a thousand times. The slight wind was no bother to them, because they have clearly practiced enough.  This year’s golf team is going to be tough to beat, and they deserve every ounce of praise they will receive. The next game will be the 16th of September at Spanish Oaks, and I have complete faith that our golf team will remain superior again.