Jan/Feb Online Magazine

The Mane Street Journal
Jan/Feb online magazine

As we welcome in a new year and a new semester, we also welcome a new edition of The Mane Street Journal, Payson High's 100% student created online magazine.  Click on the link below to view:


Message from the Editor-in-Chief:

I'm not going to lie to you January was a little rough. With trying to get all content in and trying to get it published we learned how much of a beast it really was. We definitely had our ups and downs but that doesn't mean there isn't some amazing content to be read and seen in this months edition! From our very own pod cast to articles on our current sports like Swim. This edition will make you want to read more! Now without further ado, the January Edition. Or should we say our Phoenix from the Ashes.  - Kyrra Lundberg, Chief Editor