Lead By Example

By: Wyatt Sorensen of The Lions Roar Newspaper
Photo taken by Alfonso De La Torre, of Harrison Judd running onto the football field

At the beginning of this year's football season at Payson High School, Harrison Judd, team captain, and his fellow teammates decided that every Saturday morning after practice, they would support the Payson youth football teams by watching their games. The high school team would compliment the kids as they played and would encourage them from the sidelines. Hopefully, these young kids noticed that the high school football team was watching their games and worked to impress them by playing better and harder.


Judd said, “We encouraged them to play harder and showed our support by praising their actions on the field because when they're young they need to learn that football is fun, and when they get to high school is when they will improve their abilities.” With the season over, let’s hope that with the high school team’s example, these young players will grow up to be great players, as well as great people.