L.I.A. - Latinos In Action

Adriana Cruz

This new school year we have many new things including the Latinos in Action class. The purpose of this class is to create, design, and implement methods, strategies and programs that help Latino students improve their Spanish and English skills, and to help the students towards a career in education.

Students that enroll in this class are determined help out the community. Last week they used their Spanish language skills to translation for parent teacher conferences. They went around and helped translate for any parents that needed the service. Soon they will also be mentoring and tutoring younger students in elementary schools and jr. high twice a week.  But before these students can start on doing these things they will have to get trained by educators on a reading program.

 LIA was founded in 2000 by Jose Enriquez.  Brenda Gillie is in charge of this new class at Payson High with the help of Ivan Cardenas. Mrs. Gillie is looking forward to helping the students, and making this a great experience for all Latinos.  “Latinos are beautiful. I wish I was bilingual,” said Mrs. Gillie. As a member of the Latinos in Action Ale Hernandez is exited to help out, set an example for others, and to be involved. “It is a good service opportunity to help and meet others in a fun way. Not to mention Latinos are pretty cool,” said Ale Hernandez. Well good LUCK Latinos in Action with everything you do  We hope to see many new things from all of you.

Ivan is really excited to be part of the Latinos in Action and he’s goal “is to get students graduate from high school, and into college.”