Living for the Game

Jennifer Dees

Spike that ball- they can’t do wrong- come on Payson cheer them on!

Yeah, that’s right; I’m talking about our conquering volleyball team. These girls represent the courage, determination, and skill that can be found in any lion. The girls are way excited to be on the team. “It feels great to be part of a team and to show what we’re made of,” said Candace Morrison. They’re all simply fantastic. To prove this, they played many schools, from Timpview to Spanish Fork, and although they lost a few of their matches, they did conquered over Mazer Prep, and they played hard in each and every game. “When we win it’s a very rewarding feeling that the work we put into it-either the week or even the day before- all paid off.” said Emily Nelson, captain of the team. Every player gives something to the team; all they need is to go for it and end up pulling it off.

 “We’re working a lot better this year than in past years. We’re more of a team than we’ve ever been before,” said Camille Bingham. Volleyball is an intense sport; just go and you’ll see what I mean. Every player agrees that the more people there are to cheer them on, the more fun it is and the harder they work. So, PHS, make sure you get yourself to the upcoming matches on September 30 playing against Maple Mountain, and October 5 against Uintah. We all know what to expect from this year’s amazing team- ultimate domination!