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Mr. Payson: Braiden Muniz

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 01/21/2011 - 11:09
By Kylee Steele

            Friday December 3rd, Payson crowned a new king. Braiden Muniz is this year’s Mr. Payson, with Trevor Gneighting as first attendant, and Will Parson as second attendant.

There was some very tough competition at this year’s pageant, ranging from all the amazing talents to the most random swimwear possible. Cameron Rogers won the swimwear part of the contest, with his snorkel and flippers. Phil read us an awesome poem that he did in fact write himself. Both, Will Parson and Aaron Ethridge sang to us, and both did amazing jobs! Braiden wore footy pajamas for his evening wear, which was very funny! Justin Craig danced for us for his talent, and Trevor moved us with his amazing piano playing skills.

 All of the boys who competed to be Mr. Payson did amazing jobs. It was a fun thing to watch, with the help of Mr. Wright and his wise cracks, and stories of how he met and married his wife. If you didn’t go you missed out on an awesome experience! Congrats to Braiden for being our Lion king! Also, to Trevor and Will for being runners up! “Mr. Payson was a really fun experience, it was cool hanging and having fun with all the other people involved in the pageant. It’s a real honor being Mr. Payson, and I’m super excited to represent for the following year,” said Muniz.