Newspaper staff iHopping out

Lion's Roar Newspaper Staff

A year filled with stressful deadlines, creative minds, friendships made, and lots of pride is coming to a close for the Lion’s Roar Newspaper Staff. The staff worked hard to produce a newspaper that the students would enjoy, and make everyone proud. Day in and day out we’ve enjoyed working hard to represent our school to the best of our ability, and we hope everyone has enjoyed our masterpieces. The staff would like to give a big thanks to our readers, and an even bigger thanks to the student body of Payson High School. We’d also like to thank our awesome advisor, Mrs. Searle, for never failing to encourage us and helping us to push ourselves to new limits. Each and every one of us have loved our time as a staff member, and are excited to welcome new staff members next year! Best of luck to the seniors Kyle Garner, and Brooke Barnett with the next chapter of their life after graduation, and best of luck to every other staff member and what they choose to do next year! The staff ended their prideful year with a brunch to iHop, and received awards. So I guess you could say that we're i'Hopping' out. Til next year PHS.

Love/The Lion’s Roar Newspaper Staff