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November Students of the Month

Submitted by katie.kelly on Tue, 11/26/2019 - 10:10
From left to right: Logen, Dylan, Katherine, Jesus, Landon, and Melissa

Congratulations to our November Students of the Month!

Melissa Peterson

Melissa Peterson is the daughter of Rick and Cindy Peterson and lives in Payson. Melissa loves acting and watching movies. In school, her favorite class is American Sign Language because it's where she has the most fun.

In the future, Melissa wants to become a famous voice actor. Her favorite quote is, “In a world where you can do anything be kind.” Melissa would describe herself in one world as funny and a random fact about her is that she was born on the day after the 9/11 attack. Advice that she would give to other students in high school is, “Don’t procrastinate and also be kind.” 

Jesus Marquez

Jesus Marquez is the son of Sandra Jurado and Jesus Marquez and lives in Payson. In school, Jesus is passionate about his grades and sports. He enjoys playing volleyball in and outside of school. Jesus’s favorite class is Co-Ed team sports because he can play volleyball and hang out with his friends.

Jesus’ future goals are to graduate from high school and go to college to get a professional degree. His favorite quote is, “Life is only once, you have to live it and enjoy it.” 

A random fact about Jesus is that he’s kind, likes to talk to people, and likes school. Jesus would describe himself in one word as positive. His advice for other students in high school would be, “Pay attention to all your classes. Attend school, put in the effort and be a positive, good student.” 

Dylan Minor

Dylan Minor is the son of Randy and Stephanie Minor. He currently lives in Santaquin, UT. Dylan loves anything film-related and aspires to have a career in the film industry when he’s older. In school, his favorite classes are anything remotely related to film because he finds them interesting and enjoyable. Dylan’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Kelly because her classes are fun and educational.

Dylan enjoys martial arts, movies, and video games. His favorite quote is, “Science can take us to the moon but it can’t stop us from hating ourselves once we get there.” When asked what advice he would give to other students in highschool, Dylan said, “The urinal cakes aren’t actually made of cake. Though, actual cake found in the bathroom might still be good though.” One random fact about Dylan is that he had to relearn how to walk again. One word to describe him ambidextrous.

Logen Troutner

Logen Troutner is the daughter of Nanette and Travis Troutner. She is currently residing in Santaquin UT. Logan loves to sing and participate in school musicals. Her favorite teacher is Miss Garff because she explains the topics well and doesn’t make anyone feel unwelcome. Her favorite class is choir because everyone there enjoys spending time together and it’s like a family. 

Logan's future goals are becoming a cosmetologist, graduating highschool and serving a mission for her church. Her favorite quote is: “So many books, so little time.” A random fact about Logen is that her favorite shoes to wear are booties. If Logen had to describe herself in one word it would be “crazy”. Advice Logen would like to give to other students would be, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get help.” 

Landon Serynek

Landon Serynek is the son of Richard and Beverly Serynek and he currently lives in Payson. Landon loves to play basketball and is In our schools DECA club. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Blackham because she is very nice and makes sure her students are learning. His favorite class is his private pilot class at the Advanced Learning Center because he loves to fly and learn about aviation. 

Landon’s future goals are to get a 4.0 gpa, go to college and become a pilot. His favorite quote is: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination exercises the world.”- Albert Einstein. 

A random fact about Landon is that he skipped the 6th grade. If Landon were to describe himself in one word it would be “creative”. Some advice Landon would like to give to other students her at PHS is: “Make the best out of any situation you’re in and think positive.” 

Katherine Tingen

Katherine Tingen is the daughter of Shelly and Nathan Tingen. She is currently residing in Payson. Some of Katherines hobbies and extracurricular activities are playing the piano and violin along with cross country, swimming and basketball. Her favorite teacher is either Mr. Nielson or Mrs. Noll because they are both super kind and make class fun and exciting and they both genuinely care about her success. Her favorite class is Orchestra because she loves being able to express herself through music and do something she loves for school.

Katherine’s future goals are getting a 4.0 gpa and going to college. Her favorite quote is: “ You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

A random fact about Katherine is that she skipped 7th grade math. If Katherine were able to describe herself in one word it would be “dedicated”. Some advice she would give other students here at Payson High would be, “Try your best and don't compare yourself to others.”