Paysetter Night

By: Mikayla Yost

On the 20th of January 2015 our very own drill team presented a series of performances that excited the crowd. They have been working for a very long time to make this performance possible. The Paysetters performed in multiple dances that were amazing!

The night started with all of the Paysetter members being escorted by someone they loved. The escorts included dads, uncles, and brothers. As they walked to the center of the stage there was a recording that told the audience a little bit about each girl. After all the members walked, the Paysetters went to prepare for their dances. While they were preparing, many different dance studios filled in the break. There were performances of all ages—from little ages all the way up.  There was also a huge variety of dances. Throughout the night solo dancers, senior dances, and group dances were performed. 

The Paysetters did a fantastic job! They made the crowd extremely happy and tried their very hardest. The Paysetters are an amazing group of students who love what they do. They are not afraid to show that they can do anything. Because of their dedication, people realize how fantastic they really are.