PHS Announces Graduation Speakers

By Jamie Finch

As graduation draws closer, everyone has been wondering who will be speaking at the joyous occasion; the last speeches they will ever hear from their peers in high school.  Ali Apgood, Kaila Birchett, Callie Cheney, and McKinley McMullin are feeling the immense pressure to make their families and teachers proud.  Regardless, these girls are prepared to dazzle their senior class with the great memories of high school through creative spoken word. 

            Ali Apgood is the senior class president, and says this about her speech for graduation:

            “I’ve known since last year that my position in student council would require that I speak at graduation, so I’ve had my speech finished for quite some time.  If I could give a piece of advice to future senior class presidents, I would say that procrastination is not an option.  Get all the planning done early so stress can stay out of your vocabulary,” said Apgood. 

            Kaila Birchett, this year’s valedictorian, was surprised when she heard the news. 

            “My first thought was probably about how excited my dad would be and how I was going to stop him from posting the news all over his social networking sites,” says Birchett.  “I was so excited, though.  And I’ll be even happier when I go to Utah State this fall.”

            Our senior class salutatorian is Callie Cheney who can’t wait to graduate. 


            “I’m working on my speech right now, and as much as I’ve loved my high school experience, it has only made me more excited to graduate and head to USU,” said Cheney.