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PHS Dance Company: Welcome to a New Age

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/01/2013 - 11:19
By Mako Watkins

“I promise to stand by you forever!” This cheer rings clear with pride, hope, and excitement behind stage before every Dance Company performance.  Payson High’s Dance Company is an advanced performing company.  The season has just begun and the team has already become a family.  

“We have an awesome team!  These girls are great students and amazing performers.  They work hard,” Coach Anderson said.

 The school’s theme this year, Welcome to the New Age, ties into this year’s Company almost perfectly.

 It’s a new year, a new team with new faces and new friends.  The girls are learning new and intense dance’s that test their limits.  

“There are new projects, everything this year is just new!” Anderson said about her team.  

Although there are many important aspects that tie into Dance Company, there are two that Coach Rebecca Anderson says they are focusing on this year.

For one, the idea of team unity.  It’s true that Dance Company is about dancing, but it’s also about creating a team.  You can’t expect to perform your best if your team doesn’t get along, or don’t branch out as friends.  That’s why it’s a big part of Dance Company.  

Dance Company is also about dancing.  It’s about new styles, new moves, and a new love for dancing.  It’s about expressing yourself through a love of dance.  It’s being proud of what you do and making new things happen.

Although the company focuses mostly on contemporary dance, they also trying new dancing styles.  Jazz, hip-hop, and lyrical are included.  

There big concert is near the end of the school year, but they will be performing a lot throughout the year.  So look for your Payson High Dance Company in the upcoming school year.  They are new, exciting and ready to blow your mind.