PHS Dark Horse: Meagen Stanton

Story and Photos by Daniela Garcia
megan dark horse 2.jpg

By Daniela Garcia

 As with all team sports, winning a volleyball game takes a team effort. But not always in does everyone get credit for their outstanding performance. The Libero is one player you don’t notice very often, even though she is wearing a different colored shirt than the rest of the team. She still isn’t credited for her amazing passes and attitude of never giving up. She passes for the players who struggle in that area, and she can go in for anyone at any time. She works hard to be the best passer on the team, and to dig every ball hit at her, and she is the person who no one wants to hit to or serve to because everyone knows the libero is one of the best passers on the team.

 Meagen Stanton is the libero for the Payson Varsity Volleyball team. Suffering a sprained ankle and hair line fracture in the beginning of the season, she has worked hard to come back and play a few weeks into pre-season.

 Averaging 5-8 perfect digs that are hard driven hits, she is the key to the game. She throws herself at every ball, never thinking of the results only about getting it up in the air. Without her wonderful passes and digs the hitters wouldn’t be able to hit.

 “Meagen is an extremely dedicated and amazing volleyball player. She sets very high expectations for herself and that pushes her to excel in most thing she tries. She will excel in a lot in life and I wish her the best of luck in college next year,” said Volleyball Coach Scott Nelson.

 Meagen has been playing volleyball for Payson’s Volleyball team since her freshman year, and is a great example to the girls younger than her about how hard work pays off, and to be the best you can be. Even with that she always shows there is always room for improvement. She is a senior this year and is looked up to by all the girls.

 “I look up to Meagen as a volleyball player because she always pushes herself 110% and she practices just as hard as she plays in games. She’s an excellent sister and a great remodel,” said Meagan’s Sister Cassidy Stanton.

 Meagen works hard to play her best in and out of practice. Diving for every ball and never giving up, she is an example of a hardworking, dedicated player, who loves the game.