PHS Winterguard

By Mako Watkins

                 Our school is home to many unique and interesting sports and activities. One of many being a small club called Winterguard. A seasonal sport, they rotate from Color Guard in the spring and summer months, to Winterguard in the fall and winter seasons. They perform alongside Payson High’s marching band, creating formations using flags and batons.

 “We practice year-round and make up a lot of the visual aspect of marching band.” Sierra Ellertson said.

Winterguard will only perform in gymnasiums during the winter months and practice basic dance techniques, but compete early on in the season, from November to January.

They will compete on a special kind of mat, taken from billboard signs and then painted to match the theme of their performance. “

We spend hours practicing, and decorating, but it’s all worth it to spend time with friends,” said Becca Thompson, another member of Winterguard.


They’re already preparing themselves for summertime and football performances, so let’s make an effort to come out and watch them perform!