Proud To Be A Lion

Written by: Madeleine White, Photo by: Aubrey Nelson

Payson High School. PHS. Pride Honor Strength.  Here at Payson High School we are all a part of an undeniable bond--we are all a part of the Lion Pride. And being part of the Lion Pride is so much more than just attending this school. It’s supporting, respecting, and representing our school as best and well as we can.

One very prideful thing for our school is definitely our student section, our school takes lots of pride in the support we give to our athletes.  In an interview with some vital members of our student section, Easton Smith, Dakota Lange, and Jordan Hamilton we asked them, why is it important to be a part of the student section? They responded with, “It gives the players something to play for. We should give the best to them so that they can give the best to us. And it gives all the students at Payson something to be a part of.”  Their favorite boys’ basketball games consist of the Spanish Fork game, Juab game, and Dixie game.

Along with our student section, our teams have also done great things this year.  Football quarterback, Easton Smith commented on the teamwork and work ethic of our football team this season and he says, “A big thing for the Lion Pride this year, and the football team, is AS ONE. After every game, before every practice, we would say as one.  And that meant that no matter what, no matter how hard it gets, you’ll always be together as one pride, one team. A teammate has always got your back, and we stand as one.”

Something else extremely neat about our school is how proud Principal Ford is of our school.  Here’s what he has to say about Payson High Schools’ Pride , “In my years in being here I have never seen the support that we’ve had from the students. In the athletic area our fans have been awesome this year... best I have ever seen.  And everyone is very respectful of whenever I ask you to do something. Even in the halls with the amount of people we have and when we put everyone together, for the most part we don’t have very many issues and that’s definitely a testament to you as a student body.”

Here at Payson High School it seems that there are lots of myths going around.  Rival schools and all tend to believe negative things about our school but we’re here to prove them wrong.  Looking at the Student Outcome Accountability Report (SOAR Report) from 2011-2014 here is some statistics to prove how awesome our school is.

Myth: Our students sluff school everydayFact: The average daily attendance is 94.7%, which means daily, 94.7% of our student body attend school everyday.

Myth: Our student body has high amounts of alcohol, tobacco, and drug offenses

Fact: In a whole school year we only had 10 alcohol, tobacco, and drug offenses

Myth: Overall our school has many drop outs

Fact: We have a  graduation rate of 94.5% and our hispanics graduation rates were 92.5%

Myth: Our students don’t care to go to college

Fact: 60.41% students completed a college application and 62.16% of our Latinos completed a college application

Myth: If english isn’t your first language then you can’t be successful in school

Fact: 0.6% of the student body were English Language Learners and 63.6% of those students were proficient in academics

Being a part of Payson High is definitely something to be proud of, and there are definitely many things to be proud of.  Our athletics have done outstanding things this year and stood together as one.  Our student section has supported loudly through the wins and the losses. Our fine arts have been outstanding in their competitions and shows.  And all in all the students of Payson High School have represented our school very well this year. The 2014/2015 student body is amazing and outstanding in all aspects of our school and everyone should DEFINITELY be Proud To Be a Lion.