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Rematch with the Wasps

Submitted by kate.searle on Thu, 01/11/2018 - 10:47
Article by Harrison Judd


With the loss to the Wasatch Wasps, and taking second in last year's State wrestling Tournament, there has been a great determination coming from our wrestling team to come back and beat them as in a way of revenge this new season of 2017-18. Although, Wasatch has now been moved up to 5A, and are no longer in our region and have no way of compromising our chances of a State Title in 4A. But that didn’t stop the team from wrestling them anyway. On January 4th of the new year, Payson traveled to Heber Valley to face Wasatch once again. With Wasatch ahead by 11 points, the final score  of the duel was, Payson 27 Wasatch 38.