Sophomore writing contest winners are announced

Story and Photo by Taylor Campbell
Story Contest Winners.JPG

By Taylor Campbell

On October 4 Sam Reynoso, Kaydee Shupe, Braiden Burrel, Cassidy Stanton, Chad Manning Angela Kenison, Shelby Thomas and Manny Braun were selected as winners of the short story writing contest held by Stephanie Riggs, Krystal Baker’s student teacher in her English classes at Payson High School.

The short stories for the contest had to be 2-4 pages long, have identifiable elements of plot and a whole lot of creativity from the students.  The winners were announced with a surprise visit from the journalism staff.

                One of the winning stories was about a couple who fell in love in 2001.  It wasn’t a traditional love story though because it ended in tragedy  as the girl was in one of the air planes that crashed into one of the World Trade Center Towers. Shelby Thomas, author of the story, downplayed her success.  “I am super surprised that I won. I just did this over the weekend.”

Chad Manning shared in her surprise, Mannings Story was about a dodgeball game. “I’m surprised because I didn’t put that much time into it. I just wrote what came to my head.” Manning  said.

“I am proud of these students for putting forth the effort and originality to create these wonderful pieces of fiction,” Riggs said.

Creative writing is Mrs. Riggs passion and believes in giving students the opportunity to use their imagination “I want to promote creative writing editing and publishing among sophomores from Ms. Bakers various sophomore classes.” And because “There’s a lot of life’s to be changed and good to be done through fiction,” she added.