Swimming to Success!

Ryan Lines

Come on in, cause the water’s fine! Our swim team here at PHS has started going to meets as of last weekend with a huge invitational. Placing fourth overall at the starting invitational has given the Swim Team hope and invigorated the team for their meet at Orem!


On November 2nd-3rd, the meet at Orem took place, and Logan Bennett shared some thoughts on how PHS did; “We did awesome last night! Our girls team took first overall in our region, and the boys took third by only ten points. Which isn’t very much. But combined, overall we took first! We broke a school record last night! We all swam really well, especially for it being the second meet of the season.”

He continues, “But there’s definitely room to grow. We’ll definitely do really well at region and state this year. Everyone’s getting super fast and working super hard during practice! The Boys team at Spanish Fork is giving us a run for our money. The girls team are just kicking butt! I guess the 5A teams when we go to invitationals are the ones to work towards.” He then provided names to some of the swimmers that are really pushing the growth of the team.

“Out of the girls that are doing awesome there’s, Hailey Pitcher, Halle Bulkley, Katie Jensen, and Liz Waters. They’re just doing really awesome on their relays. On the boys, Travis Pitcher and Case Kunz are doing fantastic!


It’s easy to see why our swim team does really well every season! Our team is a great example of hard work and dedication, while also understanding that the sport is supposed to be a fun time as well. If you ever get the chance to see these Amazing athletes perform, you definitely won’t regret it! Awesome work Payson Swim Team, and always remember to, “Just keep swimming!”