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The War of Pennys Has Be Declared, PHS!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 11/26/2013 - 10:03
By Jessica Staheli

Tis the season for Payson High School’s annual Penny Wars!

You might ask, “What is Penny Wars?” and we here at PHS have the answer. Penny Wars is an annual event that takes place for two weeks at the end of November and the beginning of December. Penny Wars is a friendly competition between the three classes to raise money for local families in need this holiday season.

Let’s say you’re a senior at PHS and you’re here to beat the competition, namely sophomores and juniors. You’re breaking out your year’s supply of pennies and putting them in your class jars; but unbeknownst to you the sophomores and juniors are breaking out their nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills and placing them in the senior jars. At first you may wonder why the sophomores and juniors are contributing to the seniors jars, but in reality by placing the silver and the green in the senior’s jars they are boosting the sophomore and junior classes. You see pennies equal positive points and silver & green equal negative points. So for every 100 pennies you add to your class jar equals +100 points. Meanwhile another class is placing a dollar bill into your class jar, this equals -100 points.

This friendly yet competitive competition between classes has a much higher meaning than merely “fundraising”. Each year all the money received during Penny Wars goes to help local families here at PHS during the Christmas season. Our emphasis is that all the money we raise says within our school and community. While competition may be fun, it is the true meaning of Penny Wars that inspires students here at PHS to give generously.

This year we are inviting the community, yourself included, to help PHS make this Christmas possible for a local family in need. You may ask, “How can I get involved?” The answer is, a few different ways. Penny Wars jars will be placed in local businesses where you can deposit your donations. If you have a high school student, send some extra change with him or her. You may also drop by the high school and make a donation at the Finance Office. Again, PHS invites you to help make local families holiday season bright. Give a little, or give a lot, every penny matters.