We are Still the Mighty Lions

The Lions Roar Newspaper
Basketball Photo from Late 80's
Basketball Photo Remake 2018

In the January Edition of The Lions Roar Newspaper we have decided to recreate old time black and white photos that are around the halls at PHS. Most of you have probably noticed the photos of different sport teams, clubs, and activities from our past that line the halls. These photos are packed with 100 years of history. Uniforms, outfits, and styles have definitely changed, but it is undeniable that our school spirit hasn’t.

School spirit is something that never goes out of fashion. As we have gained more school spirit, we have been able to give support to the teams that have needed it the most. We have empowered them to become better to reach greater heights. Not only have we grown, and changed as a school, but as a town. Over the years, we have grown closer while becoming something greater than before. While things undoubtedly changed, one thing hasn’t: we are still the Mighty Lions.