PHS Attend Rocket Launch

By Taylor Campbell
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                A flash of light, a cloud of smoke and about eight seconds later… a big boom!  On August 25, twenty-one science students from Payson High School got the opportunity to watch a rocket test near Promontory Point, Utah.

                The launch awed the students.  “It was really cool” said Elizabeth Turner.  “The sight was amazing and the sound was, wow!” Turner added. PHS science teacher, Dennis VanAusdal said watching the rocket launch was the experience of a lifetime. “The whole ground was shaking from the rocket engines. You could feel the vibrations,” said VanAusdal.

                The two minute test was started off by ATK, an offspring organization of NASA, who are running tests to see whether the rocket can be used to replace space shuttles. The test was to see if the rocket could handle cold temperatures.  The future of the space program may be uncertain, but what is certain is that our students were very lucky to witness this once in a life time opportunity.