PHS: Honoring Those Who Have Served

By Jennifer Dees

Payson High should be proud of all the students who have gone on to serve in the military. They are the reason that this country is free and they need to be honored for their service. On the wall next to the main office is a memorial with the names of people in the Payson area who have served our country. Paul Meredith, with his wife, Larraine, made it a project to create the memorial. “I have such admiration for these guys; they have willingly served our country and they need to be honored,” said Meredith. The only problem with the memorial is that no names have been added for twenty years. It is so important that we, Payson High, honor every person who has served. If you know someone from Payson High that has served our country from 1990 to present, please give their names to Connie in the main office, or call (801) 465-2653. It only takes a second to say a name, while the memorial will be viewed by students for years and years to come. It is a standard of respect and duty; if you have names, please make sure they are remembered.