PHS Student Body Officers 2011-2012

By Marvin Eberhard

Happy May Payson High School! Another year is almost over and it was time to vote for the next years Student Body Officers.  16 people were in the race for the 6 coveted offices and the girls and boys featured on this page made it!

 Kai Schulze

 Kai is going to be the Student Body President next year and hopes to bring more unity to Payson High School as well as making the next year one of the best and memorable years ever. He wants to have more activities next year and wants the entire school to be involved and show off the talent we have here. He is looking forward to working with his fellow students to make Payson High the best it can be. Kai wanted to be SBO to help make the next year amazing and he wanted to represent the best student body ever. His favorite thing about Payson High is the pride and tradition that we have here.


Jeff Marvin

Jeff is going to be Vice President of Public Communications. He hopes to get everybody involved and enhance the school unity. He has convinced PHS in his campaign that he is the man for the job and is looking forward to the next year. He is proud that he will be serving Payson High in his senior year and his favorite thing about PHS is all the school spirit.

 Amberly Child

Amberly is next year’s Vice President of Assemblies and hopes to get everyone excited about all the activities and to make awesome memories. Her goal next year is to get a t-shirt from every club and to get to know a lot of new people. She didn’t even like school until she got more involved, and even became friends with her enemy. Her favorite things about PHS are all the games and cheering for this great school, and when everything is covered in green.


Mary Allphin

 The 2011-2012 Vice President of Dances is Mary Allphin and she really wants more unity for our school so there is more support for everyone in everything and we can be in a friendly and happy environment. She is looking forward to making next year even more fun and can’t wait for gender wars, penny wars, games and the seeing and showing of school spirit. She wanted to be SBO to represent and to make new friends. Her favorite thing about Payson High are the students and she says that even though we are diverse, we can still be friends with each other.

 Miranda Hyer

Miranda is going to be the SBO Secretary and hopes to unify our school by making the “Be the change” team bigger and getting the students more involved. She is looking forward to an amazing year and is excited for having the best assemblies and activities. She became SBO to represent and change the school for the better. Miranda wants 2011-2012 to be a special year to be remembered. Her favorite thing about Payson High is that the students are dedicated. She is happy to have the “Be the change” team and hopes that it will once reach the entire student body.

 Kaylee Cook

Kaylee is going to be our new Historian and wants to unify our student body and amplify our school spirit.  She wants to work out a rewards program for anticipating in extracurricular activities and is looking forward to planning those activities and says the students are going to have blast. She wanted to be SBO to be involved in next year’s planning and the excitement of the celebration of 100 years of Payson High School. She loves the tradition here at PHS and the competitive spirit everyone has.

 The Payson High School Lion’s Roar congratulates the new Student Body Officers and wishes them best luck for the next year, the force might be with you!